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Q: Do I need an appointment?

No. You are welcome to come in anytime during business hours. Mike is almost always available to give you an estimate on the spot.

Q: Will refinishing detract from the value of the piece?

It is very rare that an antique has any more value than an equivalent new piece of furniture. In most cases, “antique” doesn’t mean anything other than “old and used.” The value to you comes from the fact that a lot of older furniture is built better than anything you could buy new for the same price or more than it would cost to have it refinished. In addition, a lot of the work we do is based on the “sentimental value” to the customer. If, however, we see something that may be valuable to a collector, we will gladly turn down the work and recommend having the piece professionally appraised.

Q: What if I want to refinish it myself?

Refinishing is not difficult, so much as it is time-consuming. You do NOT want to strip the finish yourself. We recommend letting us do the stripping for you and then we would be happy to give you advice on sanding and finishing the rest yourself.

Q: Do you do upholstery?

No. We do not do upholstery.

Q: Do you pick up and deliver?

Yes. For an additional fee we will pick up and/or deliver your furniture.

Q: Do you do work in customers’ homes?

No. We are not insured to work in your home. All of the work is done in our shop.

Q: How long will it take?

Many repairs can be done in as little as a couple of days. Refinishing is typically done within 1 to 2 months. Major reconstruction and refinishing may take longer.